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What is escape room?

Experience a unique live adventure that's perfect for families, friends, teammates, and coworkers! Themed room in the most famous historic building in Bad Gastein. You will have 60 adventurous minutes to observe details and find hidden clues. To escape you will have to solve unique puzzles and clever riddles.
Escape and celebrate your victory!

You get locked in to the room.

You have one hour to get out

You look for and solve the puzzles.

You get the key, get out and win the game.

Our room

The Treasures of Duke Leopold

Do you want to travel back in time at the most famous historic bulding in Bad Gastein? You are old friends of duke, who have been locked in to the room by his dishonest lover Agnes von Biron.You have one hour to find eveidence of her devious crimes of stealing dukes mother's diamond necklace and get out of the room.

60 minutes

2-5 persons

2-3 person 70€
4 peroson 80€
5 person 90€

Special events


Looking for team building event you group can actually get excited about? Royal Escape offers exciting, challenging rooms that are perfect for team work excercises. Your group will be locked in a room filled with puzzles, keys, riddles, locks and an assortment of other surprises with only an hour to solve everything and find a way out. The game will help colegues to find their stengths and work as a team. Contact us for details.


Escape games are a great way to make your next birthday party, family reunion or bachelor party original and unforgetable. For these events, we can add special touches to the rooms; how excited would your child be to find their big birthday present hidden in the room? Or, you could surprise your love of the life by finding an engagement ring at the end of the room. Contact us with your cool ideas we will make them into unforgetable experience.


The game is made for all ages, but caution should be exercised as these are tough riddles, and may not be as fun if they are unable to experience. We do ask that participants be at least 12 or older, for public booking sessions. Children under 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Of course you are, it wouldn’t be realistic then! But don’t worry a Game Master will be monitoring you via our audio/video surveillance.

A GameMaster will be closely monitoring you just in case anything happens and we can let you out at any given time.

You will be trapped in the room forever. Just kidding! We will still let you out once the time has expired.

If you are really really stuck then yes – our GameMasters can offer 3 hints if you like.

No, there is nothing scary about this particular room.

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